Getting safely off the summit

Posted on August 16, 2019

Getting safely off the summit

Getting off the Ben in mist, even down the Mountain Track can be tricky.

The map below shows the recommended route off the summit that should ensure you don’t find your way down Gardyloo Gully.

Download file for GPS

You’ll need to:

  • Take a GRID bearing of 231° and follow it for 150m
  • Take a GRID bearing of 282° and follow it – you should meet the track (if not be on it already)

NOTE – this is for information only and you should not rely on this information. If you have the required skill, you should be able to take these bearings yourself by using the map once you’re on the summit but it’s handy to note them down as well. The rear of the Harvey BMC mountain map has details on this and some compass skill reminders.

Magnetic Bearings – Magnetic north was  3° west of grid north in 2007 decreasing by 1° every 6 years – so currently nearer 2° – so as the declination is West you can use the old “Grid to Mag, Add”, but it doesn’t work if the declination is to the East! So Currently the above bearings will be 233° and 284° respectively in 2011.


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